New XP and Gems System for V2


For years players have been demotivated because of one issue. Farmers. It’s literally impossible to grow up the leaderboard unless you spend hours grinding like some players cough cough Acol cough cough

What if you can only to play just 10 minutes a day? But consistently. If you can play more once in a while that’s great and you get a nice boost, but won’t make you insanely OP than others. This is the kind of player I want to encourage and promote in the game.

So for this I propose a new XP and Gems system, along with Challenges.

Revamped XP system

You can get xp in 3 ways with this new system:

  • 100 coins = 1 XP
  • 1 kill = 1 XP
  • Complete challenge(s)

Notice how XP is more rare and people won’t be having millions of XP. The point of this is to encourage new players to try and show how even they can reach the leaderboard with some dedication.

Other than the new requirements for XP, it works exactly how it does now. Just a flex stat for people and a measure of progress. Now I guess with this new XP system we can have something like @Acol’s global level system which can also be helpful for encouragement.

So you probably have a question now…

What are Challenges?

Ok so challenges are the new and probably best way to gain XP. Here’s how it works in simple terms

  • You get 5 new challenges a day
  • You have 24 hours to complete as many of them as you can. After that, they reset.
  • Some are harder and some are easier. You get XP based on the hardness of the challenge (is that a word?)

Each challenge is worth from 10 - 100 XP based on the difficulty of the challenge.

Challenges can be anything from “break 5 chests in one game” to “reach 100k coins in a game”.

There will be an in game UI that lets you see what challenges you have while you are playing. When you finish all your 5 challenges for the day, you get an extra 50 XP.

So this is all great… but what are Gems?

Gems are the new currency for swordbattle. They let you buy cosmetics, create clans (coming with v2), and host private rooms (soon), and much more in the future.

To make things easier for me to code, I’m going to say: 5 XP = 1 Gem. That means for every 5 xp you gain (from any method described above) you will gain 1 Gem…

Obviously skin prices will be updated to reflect this.

Advantages of this new system

Mainly this new system rewards consistency over playtime. It makes each player feel like they are progressing and with just a little bit of effort they can be one of the top. I feel like this is exactly what the game needs (or I may be wrong idk).

What happens to existing users?

I know this question will come up a lot. This is what I’m going to do:

XP is re-calculated

  • XP will be recalculated based on the above described rules. So players like Acol will still be #1

You will keep your skins

  • You will keep the skins which you have already purchased. No change to that

Gems will be distributed as a fraction of your coins*

  • I will do some math and figure out how to distribute gems the best way, based on your balance of coins. You guys are all OGs so I will be pretty generous with my distributions. Think of it like 1 gem every 100 available coins you have or something like that.


Idk if this is a good idea, before hating in the comments please take the time to actually read the thread and give me some constructive criticism. Basically tell me what you like/dislike and what you think can be changed.

Also coding time is also a big factor for me because I have a life outside this game, and I’m a solo dev rn. Please don’t suggest overly complex stuff which I cannot code, I will just reply with “maybe in the future” (if you haven’t already figured out, that means probably no lol).

So yeah I hope you like this new proposal maybe it might be a really good idea, maybe it’s gonna ruin swordbattle who knows.

I will make necessary changes to this initial proposal based on y’alls feedback and will add the final version to v2.



this is a great idea, but what would the advantages of gems be over coins?


What I’m getting from this is coins are the ingame currency for evolutions etc while gems are the whole game currency.


I don’t know how I feel about the XP thing since while it does make sense I feel that some people will be demoralised by the slow progress. I want it implemented though


Nerf first one to 200 coins = 1 XP
Buff second one to 1 kill = 2 XP.

Why? This encourages the whole points of the game which are killing, encouraging more aggressive play


This idea is great!


It was my idea dude wtf

Mainly the advantage would be easier number to track, can be used for many purposes not for cosmetics and it’s just more simpler than being confused with in game coins and account coins.


It would be the exact same progress, just smaller numbers. There will also be challenges which you can complete daily to get a nice boost.

Small numbers is to encourage new players, if they see a guy with like 300m XP how are they going to be motivated? About the No profit from kills

Yeah I didn’t think the numbers fully, I will probably change them like I said but it was just a rough idea of how it will be.


Alsoi don’t think this is fair for the people who don’t get kills


What exactly is the point of gems? What is being improved? Just seems like it will make EVERYONE grow slower. That’s just my opinion, though. :slight_smile:

I like how it promotes playing more and doing set goals, but I feel like this will just punish the top players for no reason. And also, it will also punish the lower ranked players, making it generally slower for everyone.

Ribbit! :frog:


I like the challenges, but I think maybe it would be too complicated if coins weren’t the main currency for skins anymore. It might confuse newer players if all these currencies were being juggled around. But that’s just my opinion.


Coins should stay


I would say 1 kill = 25XP (Since coins are easy to get)
Besides that, it looks like a cool addition to the game!


It encourages you to get kills though?

What do you mean by slower? XP is a number. It matters how much you gain proportional to others. SO when you say it will be slower for everyone it means it’s actually the same? Ribbit! :frog:

Now what makes it change? the challenges. It will give more XP to players who play consistently instead of grind. More people will log in to do the challenges and in the long term players who do challenges consistently will grow instead of the players optimizing for in-game coins and kills. Overall the game turns into a more fun based experience instead of trying to maximise kills and coins.

Also the main reason I want to reduce XP numbers are also for adding multiple ways of XP gaining in the future. Say after clan update I want to make a way for people to gain XP by participating in clan wars. How much xp would I give them. 1 million? 2 million? Its hard to decide a good number because of how worthless and easy to get they are. Making them harder to get adds value and makes it easier for me to add multiple ways of XP gaining.

I would argue it’s actually less complicated. My goal with swordbattle is to get above the whole FFA arena and introduce many game modes and many ways to gain XP or Gems, not just collecting them in game.

This new system would make it simpler as people see oh in game you collect coins, and you spend gems.

Yeah like I stated above numbers aren’t finalized I have to do some math to get those right


Again nothing is finalized this is just for brainstorming, please give constructive criticism only unlike cough cough Manage


Yeah, but it will be much harder to get 100 morbillion coins

I feel like the missions are a good addition but the gems are a little bit unnecessary…




so basically the new xp system is just 1/100th of the previous one?
but will the skins in store be 500 times cheaper to make it fair for the new players? cuz ain’t no way people reaching 50mil with this system. (50milxp now = 5billion xp in this system)


Yeah I already said I will adjust shop prices with the new V2 Cosmetics revamp.

Yeah that or something very similar need to do some math for that. Trust me it will bring lot more new players who are engaged.

How so? This way I can add a lot more stuff with gems not just playing to collect, we can have different game modes for earning gems, selling in-game cosmetics to earn gems, build active clan to earn gems etc.

This way we have a separate currency just for spending instead of mixing it up with the in-game coins


will you be able to buy gems with real life money


nononononnono please no don’t make this game pay to win