Lore [2ND UPDATE]

Since the game doesn’t have lore yet, I made some of my own by basing it on Castaway’s dialogues and my thoughts. If you think something could be changed comment below.

Warning: The Lore could change because of new mobs, mechanics, and maps. Also, the lore isn’t finished yet; I will add more lore later when I think of them.

Fixed Random Typos
Added Lores for the Graveyard biome.
Updated Goblin Lore
Fixed Grammar
Added Lores for Erth 13
Added Lores for the Mechanical Terror
Added Lores for Erthlings
Added Lores for Castaway
Added Lores for Realm Hoppers
Added Lores for the Tundra biome
Added Lores for the Statues

Main Story:

DR. Erthenton IV: The Erthling who created the Mechanical Terror. He also created the lab and it seems he experimented on his fellow Erthlings.

Erthlings: The former inhabitants of Erth, may be the ones responsible for building ruins and the ancient statue.

Erthium: Legendary crystals used to buy skins. It may be used to power some weapons.

Realm Hoppers: The current inhabitants of Erth.

Goblins: Goblins have a primitive civilization and will team up on enemies. They are fanatics who serve the Goblin Warlock. They live in camps in the arid grasslands. Their favorite food is the blood of Realm Hoppers and gnomes. It is rumored that they domesticated beasts called Cornuhorns and rode them.

Gnomes: Gnomes live in the jungle in their small villages quietly. They are boring and like to do nothing. But when provoked they will attack with no mercy. Their origins are unknown, but they could be artificial creatures. It seems that the castaway has encountered and fought these creatures.

Ancient Statues: Sleeping guardians that seemed to guard ruins and awaken if a great force disturbed them. Some ancient race likely created them.

The Erthium Eye: The Erthium Eye is the Grand Overseer of the Realms and is a watcher. It is unknown if the eye caused the Erthium corruption or if the corruption created the Eye, but it may have something to do with Erthium, legendary crystals that are used to buy skins.

The Mechanical Terror: A war machine made by Dr. Erthenton IV. It is unknown how he made it and why, but it is designed for violence. The strange blue rocks in the upper chamber may be the Mech’s battery.

Mossy Cave: A cave filled with moss. There are ruins inside and Erthlings or goblins may have settled there.

Erth 13: A mysterious cave with horrifying creatures. It is likely caused by two dimensions collapsing on one another.

Castaway: A Mysterious Guide, whose identity is unknown. The reason he became a castaway is unknown, but he gives hints and fragments of information about various creatures. It seems that he knows more than what he is telling us. (Feel free to comment about your thoughts on the identity of the castaway.)

Lava Cave:


Arid Grasslands:

Tundra: A harsh snowy land located far above all biomes. Even in the harsh cold, many creatures dwell there.




The Statues: Three statues that each took the form of an insect, a pear, and a feathered serpent.

Graveyard: A mysterious biome filled with graves and zombies.

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i think the castaway skin gives us a hint about him because you can remove the cloak when using the skin

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alow me to help with lore too

Alchemist skin was made for the 2021 Erthfest tournament hosted by me and Future, long before castaway.
It may have some sort of relation because of the same skin but I doubt it. (Most possible reason is just not wanting to make another skin for castaway, or alchemist just fit really good)

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