Stuck inside - Chapter 4 for Desert Shadows audition

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Chapter 4

A few hours later, or however time passes in Swordbattle land, I was in the center when a player named Lemon came up to me.

“Please don’t kill me” I pleaded.

“It’s okay, team?” Lemon asked.

“Sure” I responded.

Then a player named CosmicWarlord came up to us and tried to kill us.

“You won’t get out of this alive” CosmicWarlord said.

But Lemon was an Insane fighter. CosmicWarlord got away though.

“You will regret that” CosmicWarlord yelled “Once I’m big you’re dead”

“Wow you’re a good fighter Lemon,” I said, Suprised.

“I’ve been on this round for like idk an hour?” Said Lemon “Time flys when you’re playing”

“Something weird is going on can’t you feel it?” Asked Lemon.

“Kinda,” I responded.

“A little while ago I met someone who said they were stuck inside the game” Said Lemon, “Isn’t that weird?”

“Yea,” I said. “Wait was her name Hamm?”

“Yes! How do you know?”

“I met her too,” I replied “And guess what… I am stuck too.”

“WHAT” Lemon Yelled.

“Yea, I’m kinda stuck”

“Okay…” Lemon said

“Ohh, and btw if you see a black hole, Whatever you do DO NOT jump in.”

“Why would there be a black hole in Swordbattle?” Lemon said confused.

“Idk,” I replied. "But it sucks you in and traps you in the game.

“But anyway let’s get big before that CosmicWarlord comes back,” I said.

“Let’s get grinding.”


How did you like it, This is not the official chapter 4 but it is for DesertShadow’s audition.


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