Stuck inside - Chapter 3

This is chapter THREE of Stuck inside, my series about a player who is STUCK inside the game, and can’t go back to the real world!

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As I waited for codergautam, I met countless players. One of them, in particularly was interesting. Her name in game was “Hamm”. And she said she was stuck in the game, just like me.

“Wait, you’re stuck in the game too? For how long” she asked, surprised.

I had no idea how time was tracked in swordbattle.

“Maybe a few hours? Maybe a few days?”

She looked at me. “How did you get stuck here then?”

“Well, I saw a black hole in the game… and I ju-”

“And you jumped into it” she finished my sentence.


“Do you know how to get out? Aren’t you scared of being here forever” I asked her.

She laughed. “Oh yeah, but what can I do about it. Might as well enjoy the rest of my life here.” She gave me a grin.

Out of nowhere, a random Warrior came and cornered her.

“You’re going to die.” The warrior commanded. “You’ve been playing all day, now give me your c-”

She was insane at fighting. Before he could complete his sentence, she killed him and laughed.

“Btw, how long have you been stuck here?” I asked.

“Since… maybe a month? I don’t know. Time seems to fade away here, it’s always daytime.”

“Wanna see something cool? Come with me!” she offered.

“Sure. Where are we going?”

“To… outer space”

I was confused, but I still followed her to one of the corners. “Stand here”, she said. And she went right next to me, and pushed me into the corner.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I yelled.

“Look behind you!”

I looked, and to my surprise, I was out of the map. Everything was green, and at the end. There was a slight sliver of blue. “That’s our world”, she whisphered. “Hold up, so swordbattle was always real?” “Yes”, she said. “The black hole was just a pathway to this dimension. And there is only one way we can get out.”

“How?!” I asked

“Well, it’s just a theory, but if we can get enough people to push us, just like I pushed you, we could reach the blue, and get back to our own world”. she said.

If I had arms, I would’ve been facepalming right now. That was the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

“What about codergautam?”, I asked. He is the one who made all this, made this world. Maybe he can save us.

“He can’t. He doesn’t know that his game is ‘real’”.

“Then how did you find out, if you were stuck here?”

“It’s not as hard as you think. When you are stuck in a 20,000 pixel box, you tend to look at what’s going outside of you.”, she replied, and with that, she faded into nothingness. “Wait! How did you do that?”, I asked, but there was no reply.


CHAPTER 4 IS NOW OUT!!! Read it here


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