Stuck inside - Chapter 4

This is chapter FOUR of Stuck inside , my series about a player who is STUCK inside the game, and can’t go back to the real world!

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At this point, I was starting to get desperate. Things seemed hopeless. I kept throwing my sword at random places and watching it go. That was my only source of entertainment. I didn’t even care about all the other players, they just wanted to fight.

Then suddenly, a player joined. His name was “MitBlade”. He had a red nametag, and some shampoo in his hands? He went to a bot and started whacking it with his shampoo. With just a few clicks, it died. He came to me, shampoo ready to fight, before he could whack I yelled “stop! how do you have a red name!”.

“Oh, I’m one of the owners” he replied.

This was my only chance. If anyone can help me, it was the owner. I quickly explained to him about my situation. He listened, then burst out laughing.

“Lmao I believe you-” he said and started whacking me.

I was taken aback. I kept telling him please just get me out of the game somehow. He still thought this was all a joke

“Yeah but we need to milk that ad revenue ngl” he replied

I pleaded with MitBlade, but he just laughed and kept hitting me with his shampoo. Then suddenly, everything went white. It was so blinding my eyes hurt. At the top left, it said “Server restarting”.

This was my chance. If I wanted to escape this game and get back to the real world, this was my only chance. With all my remaining strength, I started to run from the white. I felt weird, like somehow the swordbattle realm was sucking me in. I ran and ran, but I didn’t know where I was going, what I was trying to do.

Is this the end? Is this what death feels like? I didn’t know, but I knew I had to find out.



It should be where I come and take you back to the real world.

Nah I have much more in store for michael…


Yesss your back


2 things desert could prob kill micheal ez and hamm is a self proclaimed bad at this person so that knight must have been like either supernoob or half dead

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It’s called last minute ability using
c’mon, even i know how that works
you use an ability near death and they typically die within seconds

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r u takling about desert shadow or you cuz in desert shadows case it says that michael used his warrior ability but that cant get a ton of hits on someone. In yer case it doesnt say you used your ability

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It doesn’t say i didn’t though…

also, yes you can, i have before

bruh warrior has too much knockback when uses ability

i’m a knight…

oh i thought you were talking about desert

na let him watch just a few more ads…


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