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Chapter 7

I walked over to the player named Incognitoes.

“Hey, Incognitoes, Why, no How are you on the test map?”

“This is the test map? All I remember Is blackness, and then you appearing.” He said

“What kind of blackness?” I asked

“Just black blackness, I don’t know any other kind of blackness, Do you?”

“Well no,” I said “Do you remember anything?”

“No” he replied “like I told you already all I remember is blackness then you appearing”

We then saw a giant player, we started to run but then realized that no other players were on the test map and that the player was a bot instead.

“Wow,” I said after defeating the bot which dropped thousands of coins. “The bots get massive on the test map.”

“Well,” Incognitoes said, “there are no players to kill them are there? What is stopping them from becoming massive?”

“Well, nothing I guess,” I replied, “We should get some coins to deal with bots like that more easily,”

“Wait, are you stuck in the game as well? You seem a little off from the other players I’ve met while stuck in the game” I asked.

“Yes, though I do not remember how I got here,” Incognitoes replied.

“let’s search the map to find anything useful.”


To Be Continued…

This is a short chapter, sorry did not have a lot of time to create this one.


Interesting… When are the next ones coming out?

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