Stuck inside - Chapter 2

This is chapter two of Stuck inside, my series about a player who is STUCK inside the game, and can’t go back to the real world!

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I was scared, did not know what would happen once I died, didn’t know how I could get back to my old world. I was stuck in the world of, the world of endless stabbing, warefare, and coins collecting. Then, another player appeared. His name was DesertShadow. He had a blue name and had a badge that said (#89), which meant he was 89th in the WHOLE WORLD. He definitely looked like a professional player.

I walked, no GLIDED to him, and asked “Hey, I’m stuck inside this game. Can you help me?”

He thought I was joking, and replied “Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE”

I said “No, I’m Not joking.”

DesertShadow laughed and began attacking me. “Very funny, dude”. I was mad now, and swung my sword at him, but missed. I hit his hand instead. He fell down, and smiled. “Haha! You’re good!” he laughed again. And then it happened… He stabbed me from behind. And again. And again, until I was red.

I felt how I thought death would feel like. With each hit, less and less pain, just thinking about what would happen to me. Would a big Play again button come up like in the normal game? Would I go back home? Would I just die and never come back. I didn’t want to test this out. I felt a rage come from within me. I turned around and started stabbing him, with all the strength left in me. Suddenly, my ability activated, just like it would in game. I was a Warrior class at that time.

I grew 10 times his size, and had 20 times his power. I hit him again, again, and again, with fury in my eyes. “I’m sorry!” he pleaded, but I would not stop. Eventually, all that was left of him was just a pile of shiny coins. The sight of them made me sick, the same types of coins, all surrounded by me, some bigger than others.

He respawned, now a tiny player, and said

“Why did yo-”

I hit him so hard, his head flew into the corner, and when I looked again, he was gone.

I didn’t want to see him again.

After a while, he respawned AGAIN. This time, he didn’t come to me, he collected some chests and was decent sized.

“Just leave me alone,” I told him.

“Why? Are you really stuck in the game? It’s easy to come out, press CTRL+ALT+DEL.”


He laughed. “What are you talking about? If your playing, you have a keyboard and a mouse.”

This guy made me so mad.

I got ready to stab him.

“But wait! I know someone who can help you!” he said, as if he knew everything about swordbattle.

“Who-”, I was about to ask, when suddenly 2 players began to rush us.

We got into fighting mode. I killed one, but the other one was a knight. He seemed really good, and he attacked from different sides. I dodged one, but he came back with a counterattack. I tried to dodge, but I wasn’t fast enough. My health was going down rapidly, and I knew I was going to die. Suddenly, DesertShadow came out of nowhere and attacked the player. I was amazed at his pvp skills, he put an end to the Knight immediately.

“Woah, thanks man!” I said “How did you do that?”

He gave me a weird look. “You’re welcome.”

“So what was the player you were talking about?” I asked

“His name is… codergautam. He is the owner. If there’s anyone who can help you get out, it’s him. Now good bye, I have to go.”

With that, he disconected.

I was happy, I was saved. I went to my corner, and waited for the owner to join.

Meanwhile codergautam was sitting on a sofa, watching TV. He had no clue about any of this.



CHAPTER 3 IS NOW OUT. Read it here !


@DesertShadow Thanks for asking to be in the story! Here you go. We may see more of DesertShadow in the story, in future chapters.

If you would like to give me ideas or want to be in the story, please ask me! Thanks.


nice! although i probably wouldn’t give you no mercy…


Wow, thats so cool how you added real game players into the story!

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I wonder who’s next?


coder you need a snack if your going to watch tv (;

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i want to be in the story im 117 ranked

im #33 i think i cant check

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great, try and get inside top 30! :)

i was but then my school blocked all of the links ): for the game

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i’m 250 something

i was #28

great job! can’t wait to see whether he’ll meet codergautam or not.

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you should have a lot of players team with you to help you get out.

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get out glitch out of the map have you seen the post? you need two pepole to do it so make a friend in the next chapter this is just a suggestion

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yes that is a good idea!

but don’t make it too easy
like you have too wait a while to learn that.

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yea like working your way getting info trying to reach coder maybe a bossfight with acol,dev or someone angel could be a teammate.


can i be in your story maybe as someone that helps you?

what about someone who murders his friends

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