Swordbattle Chapter 4 Auditions!

Many of you might remember @max. He was a brilliant story teller, but he did some bad things and deleted his account. After a while, @anon60157734 took his place, writing three great chapters of a book called The World of Swordbattle(good name). Then, he disappeared.
If you would like to continue his legacy please write the fourth chapter to continue on the legacy of @anon60157734!!!
If you would like to be included, please comment down below.
I will continue taking input until the new year, then I will put them in a vote, and person who the community votes the winner, will continue writing the chapters.
Also, please write in google docs, and unblock the link. Then the voting will be so much easier!

If you would like to participate in this challenge please vote here.

  • I will enter the challenge!
  • I will not enter the challenge!
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links to the storys


I suck at writing lol gotta say no

cracks knuckles

I already have a good start.


remember, we have until the new year!

Well, I want to be the first one done!


Done! a short story as an example

Sorry it took so long, i had to convert it to canva because our school bans sharing documents



nice, good job

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(you might want to look at my submission, you might like it :wink: )

I just posted my story


hmm yes it seems you thought wisely to not attack me. but I must say I sound like a vulture just sitting there but its fine its obvious i am a goddess there

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Also, it needs to be the complete chapter 4!

As I headed toward the middle of the map I stubled upon a player named…

POTATOLORD They were talking about anime and potatoes it was strange and I just

watched from afar, BUT THEN they spoted me and I ran and I ran fast.

I was saying my last words when potatolord… SCREAMED I am a anime goddess welcome to my world and left.

This is scary it seems there are more then just regular people here it seems there are gods as well but she siad she was a goddess of… anime so im not planning on seeing her anytime soon.


It might have to be longer, it is pretty good though!

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I thought this was a sketch not the actual lore if im hired I promis to actually spend more time and make it longer


You make the chapter, whoever makes the best one(which becomes lore) continues to chapter 5 and so on

I have another idea for this story, ima write one accualy


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